Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cold room clean up

As I mentioned in my post yesterday with all the snow we have out here I am afraid that our basement is going to flood. So I have decided to get as much up and off the basement floor as I can. I am starting in the cold room. Now the cold room is just a little dark dank room in our basement. It has a really low ceiling and is usually kind of damp. It's not the kind of place you want to be in with the door closed and the lights off!

Everything of importance is already off the floor in here, but it needs to get organized and well I had to start somewhere right.  

 here is a before pic

 All the jars on the floor are donated jars from family members.  Most of them are older than me and use the glass lid with a rubber sealer. You can buy the metal lids and bands to go with them now too though. I have another 2 boxes of just lids and bands so they should still be usable, however, I am a little more than afraid to use most of them!

And here is the after picture. I took all the jars and put them up on the shelves. It was a little scary and I screamed 3 times. Why you ask.....spiders..YUCK Now most of them were dead but I kept thought I was seeing "things" running around and thus screamed...lol

I had 15 jars of pickles that I am going to toss(the contents not the jars) They looked a little questionable so I figured we would never eat them and I needed the room...so bye bye. Otherwise everything else is looking great. I was surprised that there was a lot less than we had this time last year!

And here is the floor all tidy and moist and yep that is black mold!!! I am going to get down there with an old broom and some bleach and scrub that stuff away. 

I know there are still a couple of boxes of stuff sitting around. The box with the bowl is just lids and bands and the other one is strainers, my pitter and stuff..lol

Okay now off to work on the other part of the basement!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow removal

It’s been a little bit of a slow blog week over here. I haven’t been up to too much unless you think cleaning the house is blog worthy material. If so you need help...LOL
The weather has been snowy and blowing which makes me cranky, but now I think we are due for some nice weather fingers crossed!! There is still so much darn snow out here and I am afraid that we will have a repeat of 2007 when our basement flooded really bad!!  My plan for the next few days is to try and get as much up and off the floor in the basement as possible. Better to be prepared than sorry!

Mr. Pickles did his part to help keep our basement dry this year. He brought his baby over from the farm to clear some snow around the house.
First he had to clear the front of the lane since it was getting hard to get into the yard.

Pushing some snow to widen the driveway and get it away from the house 

Scraping down the driveway. Had to go a good 2 feet down in some places before he hit gravel! 

Big ole snow pile in the front of the house now! 

all cleared away 

Snow cleared in the back. There was just so much snow he couldn't clear it all. So just tried to get as much away from the house as he could. 

He got pretty close to the house!! I am in my craft room watching him work while I play...lol 

Okay this last picture has nothing to do with our house. Just thought it these 3 cars in pastel colours kind of looked like Easter eggs...lol

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Seedlings part 2

On Tuesday I was able to plant a few more seeds. My leeks, green onions, pickling onions, eggplants and Brussels sprouts are now ready to go. I haven’t had any luck with any of these in the past, but I am hoping that starting them early this year is going to make all the difference.

Although I already had my garden plan all written up I was second guessing myself and worrying about weeds getting out of hand again this year. So I was checking up on some mulch tips on http://gardenplanner.almanac.com when I saw their garden planner. It was free for 30 days so I figured why the heck not. 

I have really found it useful in showing me exactly what I should get into my 10ft beds.  For example last year I planted 100 onions and that took up the entire 10ft space. However according to this garden planner It should only take up a ¼ of the space. So there ya go. I always leave extra room between the rows so I can get in there with the mini tiller. In my mind leaving the “proper: small amount of space is going to make weeding too hard. When in reality planting thing closer together should keep the weeds out. I am also going to try putting down news paper and topping it with grass clippings. However, we have a lot of dandelions in our grass and we don’t spray them so I am a bit worried about their seeds making it into the garden with the clippings. Something to think about I guess!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Use it or lose it 19/03/13

I will admit I haven’t been that great at using my preserved/frozen garden good in the last couple of weeks. However I still ended up using more than I thought I would which is always a great thing.

I have found that since I started doing this I am really watching what we throw out.  Since there is just the two of us and Mr.P doesn’t like leftovers I have found that just cutting back a bit on our meal size helps reducing waste. I know that is a no brainer and I do follow that when it comes to meat, but when it comes to pasta/rice I always make way too much.  I have also been making an effort to eat the leftovers myself which only makes sense!!

Used it
2 jars of canned sour cherries used to make cherries Jubilee
3 jars of pickles 1 fridge pickles, 1 dill slices, 1 dill pickle
6 potatoes
4 onions

I only remembered to take pictures of two sides this week. A spinach/apple/pecan salad ( I usually forget to use the fresh spinach and it gets tossed, but not this time....fingers crossed!)

Garlic pasta. It was my first time making this. I was trying for the Lipton garlic shells packages that you can buy. I used to eat a lot of those when I was living on my own. This was pretty close, just missing all the bad stuff that makes it taste so good!!

If you are thinking whoa that is a lot of pasta well it was I was eating it for the next 3 days...LOL

Chucked it
Saturday is our garbage pickup day in the hamlet so Friday night is bin night if I remember. Garbage taking out duty is Mr.P since it has to be out by 9:30am and sometimes he forgets to check the fridge. I know you  say leave it out Friday night, but then the stupid cats get into it and there is garbage everywhere so we done. But long story short I didn’t have to chuck one thing from the fridge. I say that is pretty darn good!

Monday, 18 March 2013

St.Paddy's Day adventure

As you all know we have been getting quite a lot of snow out here.  Mr. Pickles decided that although spring is suppose to be coming next week the 7 day forecast was showing horribly cold days and more snow. 

We have been putting off clearing the snow from our roof as it’s never really been a problem before, however this year it was starting to look bad and we were hearing a lot of creaking. So today Mr.P got out the ladder to see how bad it really was up there. I am so glad he did. At some places the snow was to his hips and considering he is 5’10” that is a lot of snow.

Mr.P trying to get onto the roof! So much snow that he had to clear a little path so he could climb up. 

You can see how deep it is...yikes!

The snow on the porch was reaching some pretty god heights too! 

 Its kind of hard to see in this pic but there is now a huge pile of snow on the ground that was on the roof. A good 3ft worth!

Most of the snow was hard packed and icy which made for hard work. It was also -20C and snowing which didn’t make things any better.

After he got the back of the house done I told him that I thought it was enough since it was a lot of hard work. Mr.P wanted to atleast get the porch done since he didn't want ot have to get back up there....lol Good thinking.....however in some not so good thinking He thought he could jump off the roof and land in the snow bank but I told him he was an idiot and would break his back....so he didn’t do it..lol 

The front of the house still has a great deal of snow on it but it faces east so it has a better chance of melting.

Soo all in all quite the interesting day. I just stood there freezing and complaining most the time, but at least I did something, right?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Its starting

Here we are at the half way point in March and I am already complaining that this month is going by to fast...lol I know I know I do that every month, but gesh things really need to start slowing down at bit.

On the 13th I got around to planting a few seeds. Not too many as I ran out of time and started second guessing that I was planting, but some is better than none! I plant 3 seeds into each cell so when it comes time to thinning them I can always transplant a few instead of scrapping them

So here it is... one little tray!

 4 cells of artichokes
4 cells of Hungarian wax peppers
8 cells of cayenne peppers
8 cells of jalapeno pepper
4 cells of big Jim’s large chilli peppers
4 cells of habanero peppers

I think I should be good for peppers this year. My plan is to make chili flakes, ground pepper and pickled peppers. I think this should give me enough, but if not then I will know better for next year.

Bye Bye Reader

Well it looks like Google Reader is going Bye Bye in a couple of months...so I am getting ahead of the game and making the switch to Bloglovin now. Just in the process of setting everything up...so hopefully you are all still there on the other side!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

***** UPDATE****

I sent all my rss feed to bloglovin it took no more than 5 mins. So now when GR goes away I will still be able to read all the blogs I follow!

Here are some more info:

To my knowledge the Google Friend Connect option is still going to stay around. So if this is the way you follow blogs that still works.However, if you read the blogs you follow via Google Reader that is where you are going to need to make a change.

If you click the link above and are a member of bloglovin then you will be able to read my blog on there.
(its free to sign up and you can sign up via e-mail account and not facebook or via FB if you want)

However, if you don't use a secondary app to read the blogs you follow...than no need to change anything. I hope this hasn't been too confusing!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My perilous journey East

Okay maybe that is over selling it a bit but keep reading to see what happened
As I mentioned yesterday I really want to get a few my seedlings for the garden started this week. Trouble is all my seeding supplies are in the back garage. Last night Mr.P got home too late from work and then having to do chores at the farm for me not to feel too guilty to make him trod back there and get them. So this afternoon Zada and I decided to make the journey east on our own.

We began our journey by scoping out the area and planning the quickest route to that back garage on in the left of this picture

Zada sniffed around and thought this was the best place to start

I took the first step and was up to my knees already and this was the low spot so I told her we would need to find a better way

There are no pictures of the next part as I was sinking so fast I didn't have time to stop and use the camera!

I decided to go straight back to the chicken coop and then to the left in hopes that the snow was shallower near the coops. I told Zada to stay as the snow would be well over her head and made the trek alone. It was pretty easy going as the snow was fluffy and easy to break though. However being sick, overweight and out of shape after about 5 giant steps I was getting winded. I didn’t want to stop so I kept on having to step up to the height of my knees to take a step until I reached the coop. Once I reached there the snow was hard and full of ice.Being winded and dizzy I thought it best to turn back. However as I tuned around I saw Zada had followed me and by me stopping she was sinking fast and was struggling to breath. She is 63lbs and too heavy for me to carry back though the snow so I sucked it up and pushed on through the snow.

Finally we reached the garage and I yelled out for the rats and mice to hide as I pushed open the door. My trusty sidekick went barreling in and scoped out the place before I dared to enter. Luckily it was just the two of us in there and I found my supplies just where I left them.

Now the journey back! I told my sidekick to go on at her own risk and she did the little bugger just took off running 

Didn't even look back to see if I was okay..lol

Playing in snow back at the house while I am still outside the garage door

I thought the journey back would be a bit better and it was but I kept sinking and then losing my grip on the supplies . Here is the supplies resting on the snow bank and I catch my breath

A look back at the journey I just made and having to go back to pick up the stuff that fell..more than once

 But I did it!! Here is where we started from...phew next year make sure everything is downstairs!!

Monday, 11 March 2013


I must say I really have an itchin’ to start planting some seeds for the garden. 

However right now the garden looks like this 

Which makes me look like this.
depressed,emoticons,emotions,expressions,faces,frowning,sad faces,smileys,symbols,concepts

Our last spring frost date usually being around the 21st of May. So it is really too early to start most of my seeds now. "They" are also calling for a very wet spring which may push that date into June...maybe...maybe not

However,with that said there are a few that can be planted today.

I have my seeds already to go...in my lovely seed keeper shoe box..LOL

As long as everything works out I should be able to get these planted today. However as I type this I recall that all of my seed starting stuff is out in the back garage and the 3 foot snow drifts might be in the way....hmm off to search the basement to see what I have on hand until Mr.P gets home and i force him out into the snow for me :P

Have a great day

Friday, 8 March 2013

Where did time go!

In the summer of 2006 Mr.P and I moved in together and that is the day when I stopped putting pictures into albums or so it seems!

I love scrapbooking. I am nowhere near good at it, but I really enjoying buying all the little doodads and the funky paper. Sounds like my quilting habits doesn’t it..LOL

I know with scrapbooking its suppose to be one or three pictures on a page with lots in embellishments, but when you have 2000 pictures from a vacation like our honeymoon that just isn’t going to work.  I never know where to start and then I get overwhelmed by doing something wrong or heaven forbids forgetting to use all the doodads I bought since I cannot remember where I put them all...LOL

So where does that leave me..well it leaves me in 2013 with a few thousand pictures that have been sitting around since 2006!! I decided this week that I need to do something with them so I started sorting pictures. I decided to do themes now all the major vacation pictures are going to have their own album, but I needed to break down everything else. So I have sorted into Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, Garden/house, Pets and other...LOL

Right now I am working on Christmas. I Have 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012 to work with and the missing 3 years are still on the computer. I guess we didn’t get our pictures developed for 3 years..what the heck! I have been working on it for 2 days now and have 4 pages and that is with some self editing!

I am trying to be creative, but for the most part every page is just one big collage of as many pics and I can fit. I just have to learn to be okay with that, right! Better to have them in the album and not be supper creative than have them all sitting in a box!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wip 06/03/2013

This past week I got a bit more done and that always make me happy. I ended up getting distracted by scrapbooking so my sewing room is covered in pictures and paper right now.

As Always I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedRight Click to Save Image

My March to do list
Complete Christmas table runner: Still thinking on this one....
April Blog hop. I know what I am making, just procrastinating on it though
We bee Learning 2012 group 2 quilt:  Still haven't put the borders on

Completed projects for March
We bee Learning February -Strip blocks for Jen.  DONE Finished up the last one. They look great together. 

 We bee learning March- This is my month and I asked for a Snail’s Trail block in reds, aqua, grey. I actually completed my two already. I really like they way they look

No progress Items to date (these are projects that have appeared on the to do list for 1 or more months with you guessed it.....no progress
Wonky Bee quilt: thinking
Bee Creative bee quilt: I only received blocks from 2 people so this quilt is on hold
International stashes: I need to sew blocks together and quilt.
Christmas qal quilt: sandwich and quilt
Fall Wall Hanging-I have started to do a bit of the embroidery
Baby quilt-cut out, assemble, and quilt
Sew Happy Geek QAL- Blocks  9,10,11 and 12 still need to be done
Table runner- I have pieced this sucker together. Now I just need to get the backing on and quilt it
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- The grey fabric for my sashing came in. Now I need to get to work
2011 BOM- Since it is 2013 you can see I am a bit behind on this one. July-dec still need to be done

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Use it or Lose it 05/03/2013

This past week I wasn’t my ole kitchen goddess self (LOL) and really didn’t have much for original ideas or planed meals. Guess what though....I am okay with that...LOL However, it also means that I didn’t use a great deal of product from the cold room/freezer. I did however use a bit more from the pantry which is always a good thing.

As you may recall I am doing this to try and use up as much as I can from my 2012 harvest as well as from the beef we butchered in December 2012. In addition to this I am trying not to be as wasteful with the store bought products we use.

This week from my stored garden products and our home grown beef I used:  1pound of ground beef, 2 onions, ½ jar of sliced pickles, 1- 3lbs x-rib roast
The ground beef was used to make tacos on Monday and the cross rib roast was for Sunday’s supper
The onions were used on pizza for Wednesday’s meal and as caramelized onions on Sunday
The pickles accompanied our appetizers on Sunday which consisted of a Swiss cured meat and cheese platter.
The carrots were for Sunday’s supper as well

From the pantry I used 10 cups of organic flour, 3 cups of oats, sunflowers, dried cherries, chocolate chips, bran, and wheat germ.
The majority of the flour was used to make Bread. One loaf accompanied grilled peppers in oil and vinegar for Sunday’s appies. The other 2 loaves pictured below were frozen 

The rest of the flour was used to make noodles for Sunday’s supper. This was all that was left. They were so yummy. It was my first time making noodles from scratch and they were GREAT!

The remainder of the pantry items mentioned above were used to make granola bars. I forgot how much we enjoy eating these...2 days later and this is all that is left!!

Lost items this week