Thursday, 31 July 2014

The garden at the end of July

Its been a rough summer for the garden. We haven’t had a lot of hot days and it seems as though the rain never really stays away. As I mentioned before a lot of plots didn’t take this year so I will be with out cucumbers and well pickles this year…yikes!! Mrs.Pickles garden is pickleless oh my oh my.
Well that’s a lie..this might be a cucmber plant….but I am not sure. My mom was suppose to plant carrots in this plot, so who
I have tomatoes...but will they ripen?
Cabbages are ready to harvest
Everything is really behind, but here is the good news….for the most part I have been winning the battle with the weeds. Okay Mr.P and my Mom have, but when lil pickle allows I have been pulling my weight in the garden
My total garden pics didn't turn out too great.. too much green. I will have to post some better ones later. Maybe tomorrow I will do a post on the garden at the beginning of

Here is the main garden from the east


From the west
And the back garden aka the potato plot. This one the weeds have kind of taken over since mr.p hasn’t tilled it. I’m okay with that since no one, but my readers actually sees
Take care

Sunday, 6 July 2014

July in the garden

It is hard to believe that it is July already and I haven't posted too much about the garden. This year has been another rough one for the garden/ June was pretty well an entire month of rain and my daughter has decided that she hates being outside. So that has limited the time I have spend in the garden to little to none. Thankfully my mother has been a diligent weed killer and the garden looks great. However, she wasn't too diligent in marking down what she planted in accordance with my garden plan so I am not quite sure what is growing in some sections. She also used the seed packet to mark the rows and they either flew away or the rain destroyed them so I cannot even go back on that to see what got planted. I know I know I cannot complain since without her nothing would have been planted in time, but it is a bit frustrating. Especially since I gave her pretty specific instructions and instead she did what she thought was a better idea...I know I am complaining again...but I shall stop..maybe...yep stopped...LOL

There are a few plots where nothing has come up and I am not sure if it is slow growing or the seed just washed away. We are suppose to have a nice little heat wave this week-end so hopefully that will get things popping up more.

So here are a few pictures

This is the main garden from east- west

And from west- east

This is the back garden. Just potatoes in this one

so there ya go the gardens in july!!