Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Taking new members for July- Dec Bee's

It's that time of the year again the January - June rounds of my quilting bees are coming to an end and the July- December rounds are now taking new members.

All groups are 6 member, 6 month bees. Please request to join on the flickr page or leave a comment on this post and I will get in touch with you/

I am looking for one new member for We Bee Canadian


We Bee With it- A modern bee
5 new members for

We Bee Learning- A willing to try anything and learn new techniques  bee
5 spots


We Bee New- This group is for the advanced beginner and those new to online bee's
2 spots left

Also Bee's Helping Bee's is always taking new members.No monthly requirement just have to be willing to ask for help or help someone out :)

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

What does the fox say

Well let me tell you I know exactly what the fox
As you may recall for the past 8 years we have lived out on this acreage we have had fox problems every spring. They usually make their home under one of our old chicken coops and although cute as heck cause quite the commotion in our yard. They attack our cats, our dog and even me on a few occasions. To top off all that drama we usually have a 2 week period of being awaken in the wee hours of the morning by foxes screaming. If you have never heard a fox make noise it is not a cute little sound, but an ungodly sound from the depths of hell....and that's being nice!
This year they came back again and won't leave. Usually my Dad would go out and pee around their holes and with in a day or two they would be gone. This year no Dad so the foxes are staying. I've tried covering their holes, taking the dog to pee where they live and yelling at them every time I see them, but they won't leave. To make things worse they have pups and my cat has kittens all living with in a 2 square foot area of each the fox has been trying to kill our cats and eat the kittens for the past 3 months and our female Bast has been trying to keep the fox away from her kittens. It has been very loud, very scary and very annoying and always seems to happen just as the baby falls asleep.
Today things have gotten quite bad. The fox is teaching its pups to attack the cats and the cats are freaking out and trying to well just survive. When I go out to try and break things up the foxes lunge at me and I cannot run very fast. The dog is away this week to run interference so I have been hiding inside. I called the RM and the pest control officer gave us the green light to shoot the fox as it is a danger to us and our animals. So now the battle begins and I know how it will end....the foxes will win...they are pretty sneaky

Friday, 13 June 2014

Yep it’s me again

Look at me posting 2 days in a row…yep that sound you hear is me patting myself on the back. Okay I wrote this post yesterday while Anika was having a nap, but still it counts as a post nonetheless!

I have been feeling the quilting itch for the past week, but there just hasn’t been time to do much about it. I would have love to have had a work in progress report for today, but I don’t plan on stressing myself out any more than I have too.

This week-end I do hope to get some sewing done, however, it’s going to be to make some reusable breast pads. Should be simple enough. Maybe I should just use the pee pee teepees I made, since there is no pee pee to use them on perhaps they can have another use…LOL
Mr.Pickles is going out east for training again all of next week. Luckily my mother is going to be staying with me so she can help out in the evening with the little one. He was gone for a week back in May and we survived, so I am sure we will again this time. I just might be able to get some sewing done while my mother is watching the baby,.....maybe...however, i'll likely be weeding instead..LOL
Speaking of the little pickle today she is 3 months old!!!! WOW were does the time go. It feels like just yesterday we were staring our baby journey in Calgary and now here we are with a baby. It's been the best and worst 12 months of my life. Sitting in that clinic praying so hard for a miracle that we would get pregnant and that my dad would survive his fight with cancer I never thought that 12 months later we would have a baby and we would no longer have my dad. It's a hard struggle every day for me. I look to Anika and feel unexplainable joy, sorrow and guilt all at the same time. While I was pregnant I couldn't deal with the death of my father because it was just too much and I was afraid the stress of dealing with it would cause a miscarriage. I kept saying i'll deal with it once the baby comes. Then she arrived and well I cannot deal with it at all, its just too sad and I feel that If I really deal with it I am going to burry myself into a big ole hole of sadness and I am not sure if I will ever come I just don't think about it. I cry about it for a few mins everyday and then say..don't think about it and move on. Its funny you pray everyday for the hurt to go away, but then you don't want the hurt to go away because that is all you have left.
Okay this post got a lot more depressing than I had planed
Have a great day

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Finally a post!

I must say I really thought that babies slept more. In the books I read it said babies sleep for at least 17 hours a day.  I na├»vely thought “Great I will get a lot of stuff done this spring” yeah well that just didn’t happen. Little pickle doesn’t like to nap during the day and insists that I sit next to her or hold her all day. She does however know that 10pm is bed time and never fights us to go to sleep. Some days She gets a good 5 hour sleep to start and then up for a feeding and back down for 3 hours if we are lucky. Two weeks ago she was sleeping 9 hours a night getting up at 7 and then sleeping again till 10. I swear now that we are back to being up every 3 hours at night it hitting me harder now than in the first month. To every book and every parent that said it gets easier in month 3 I say… b.s… Nonetheless she will be 3 months on the 13th so things can get better. The days have been a bit easier of late since I don’t have to be holding her all the time. I have been getting a few mins on the internet to check my e-mail, but today is the first time I have had time to type out a blog post. Still no time to catch up on my blog reading. We do own an iPad, but I just never seem to have the time to use it during the day and then at night Mr.P uses it and to be honest I am not sure what I am doing…lol

Nonetheless there has been some progress made on the garden!! Little pickle decided that she hates it outside and won’t spend more than 5mins outside. Since she is only 11 weeks that’s okay as she really shouldn’t be out in the heat anyhow, but it makes it hard to plant the garden. I have also been having health problems again which has made it hard for me to be out in the garden once again too. However, my mother watched the baby for a couple of hours last Monday and I was able to get the entire back garden planted with norland potatoes.

The back garden
 Mr.P planted 3 rows of norland in the main garden too. We will be using these as a new potato crop.

On Tuesday I got two rows  or 8 boxes planted in the main garden before I felt the telltale signs of heat stroke and on Saturday my lovely mother planted the rest of the garden for me while I watch little pickle… what does that mean…………well it means the GARDEN IS IN!!
The main garden. My mother tied twine around each box so we know what is planted where.

Yahoo!! I really think that my new system for weed control is going to work this year. It took a little more effort to plant than in past years, but I think it will work in the end.

Mind the here is the whole main garden planted