Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy Birthday Lil Pickle

wow its hard to believe that one year ago today lil pickle aka Anika was born. I will admit it has been one the hardest and yet most rewarding years of my life and it has gone by so darn fast!!

It was a day of surprises three days before my due date At 11:30am one year ago today my contractions started, they came on too fast as baby was ready but my body was not. The end result causing baby to be in distress and mommy to get a surprise fever and infection and at 11:53pm via emergency c-section our little baby came into this world.....but the biggest surprise of the

day was when they came to tell us congratulations you have a girl..........My doctor told us 100% via the ultrasound we were having a boy

Our little surprise has opened my heart more than I ever thought possible and every day I thank God for her being in my life. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring mug rug link up

I’m back did you miss me…did you even know I was gone. Lol Well for the past two weeks I was with Mr.P, Lil Pickle and my mother on a family vacation in Palm Springs. It was our first time there and it was a nice trip. But more on that in another post. Today is the link up day for the Spring Mug rug swap I took part in over at Fort Worth Fabric Studio’s.

When I got home I was welcomed with a lovely package on the kitchen table and once lil pickle was unpacked and put to bed I opened it up and was greeted with the beauty and long with some very unexpected goodies!!

Thank you so very much. I just love it.

For my partner I made this mug rug.

 I take crappy pics....but i thought it was cute

 This one is a bit brighter

Some of the quilting on the back, I was afraid to quilt over the flower in fear it would take away from I didn't

 I am hoping it made it to her. In the chaos before we left I put it in my purse intending to mail it the Saturday before we left. Then we ended up going to a funeral (I didn’t know the person but Mr.P did…taking a baby to a funeral…bad idea) that day and it got lost in the chaos of the day. I remembered it later that night and by then it was too late to mail it since we left that Sunday. So I took it to Palm Springs with me…lol I’m not sure if I was typing the wrong info into google or not, but there was only one post office near us and it was UBER busy. So a couple of attempts later and my mug rug got mailed. If my swap buddy is reading this I apologise if it got to you late. I also apologise that I didn’t send any goodies along. I didn’t know we were supposed to and now I feel horrible!!! I hope all the love I put into the mug rug is enough :)

Here is it on the dining room table at our first condo I wanted to take a better picture but the family friends we were staying made me too shy to take a better

Please check out all the lovely creations!