Monday, 28 September 2015

Fall harvest

it's that time of the year again, harvest time! We actually got the garden out a couple of weeks ago, but I have been slow to post about it. Our house is still under the control of our idiot contractor which means for the most part lil pickle and I are living at my mothers during the day. So no sewing, or computer or well just about no anything but sleeping at the house. I am hoping the end is near.

Anyway enough complaining here are a few harvest pictures. I haven't been able to weigh anything but I think it was an okay year
So far no sign of blight. I have two cardboard boxes full too

Friday, 11 September 2015

Garden wrapping up

It feels like I just planted the garden and here it is the middle of September (almost) and the nights are starting to get cooler. In fact we had frost two nights in a row. It was enough to leave my row covers with a nice layer of ice on them in the morning. I covered my tomatoes and a few of my squash. The back garden is just too big to cover all the squash so unfortunately the plants out there were hit hard by the frost. I am hoping with the temps hitting near the 30C mark here today and tomorrow that it will help to ripen those suckers a little bit more. We will be taking in all my tomatoes this week-end even though they are still green. I think I will be canning tomatoes into December again this

I did harvest my lone watermelon. It looked ripe to me, but when we cut it open it was not. Booo.
You can see some of te corn I harvested in the background too. A few didn't pollinate well so they looked On a whole corn was a disappointment yet again. I can never pick it at the right time and it just tastes like nothing. I harvested 10 cobs and there are about 20 still on. I will use the rest for soups. If they ripen before it gets too cold.
Yesterday I blanched the final bag of beans from the garden. This pic was taken back at the end of August and the beans have been sitting in my moms fridge since then. Since we have been living at her place during renos we have had fresh beans as often as we can. But they needed to be frozen or tossed. So i blanched them

Well my little pickle is up from her nap so I should rescue her!
Take care